Team Exports

League File updated(Server Time):

May 26 2017 9:21am

New York: May 24 6:14pm
Niagara Falls: May 26 6:47am
Baffin Island: May 23 10:41pm
Boston: May 17 3:20pm
Plymouth: May 24 9:56pm
Irvine: May 23 11:06pm
SoCal: May 25 2:54pm
Nevada: May 24 8:12pm
Maui: May 16 11:48pm
San Francisco: May 26 11:15am
New Orleans: May 24 9:57pm
Beech Mountain: May 23 10:12pm
Orlando: May 25 6:14am
Nassau: May 25 7:42am
El Dorado: May 17 11:01pm
Greenville: May 26 10:40am
Jersey Shore: Mar 30 2:29pm
St. Louis: May 23 9:37pm
Chicago: May 25 7:54pm
Nashville: May 25 10:56pm
St. Charles: May 24 7:20pm
Fresno: May 24 1:39pm
Seattle: May 24 4:27pm
Vista: May 25 5:48pm
Pocatello: May 23 10:15pm
Houston: May 26 10:15am
Springfield: May 24 12:45am
Austin: May 26 6:13am
Kalamazoo: May 23 9:50pm
Kansas City: May 26 11:16am


Baseball Stars Export Tracker


Export Tracker

Welcome to the Baseball Stars Export Tracker. At the top left, you will see the date and time that the latest league file was upoaded. Please make sure that after exporting, your team shows in bold, indicating an updated export. Old exports will not show as bold. If you have never exported, "No Export" will be noted next to your team. Thank you..