Tuesday, July 1st , 2042
Released 2B Sergio Montaño.
Released SP Vicente López.
SP Vicente López was drafted by the Kansas City Kings.
Released LF Ralph Coates.
LF Ralph Coates was drafted by the Maui Wave.
Released SP Barry Brooks.
SP Barry Brooks was drafted by the Orlando Calrissian.
Released C Edwin Davis.
C Edwin Davis was drafted by the St Charles Sheens.
Released RP Corey Boxx.
RP Corey Boxx was drafted by the Nashville G-Strings.
Released SP Orlando Acevedo.
SP Orlando Acevedo was drafted by the Oklahoma CowEaters.
SP Andrew Taborda joins the team.
SP Clarence Pelkey joins the team.
SP Henry Davis joins the team.
C Cody McCray joins the team.
C Ernesto Valenfin joins the team.
3B Arnold Walker joins the team.
Tuesday, June 10th , 2042
Signed Manager Ben Poe to a 2-year contract extension.
CF Dusty Maus joins the team.
SP Patrick Ward joins the team.
1B Dave Tillman joins the team.
Monday, July 26th , 2021 - OOTP Baseball 22.7 Build 61